Milk substitute for piglets

The first days of a pigletís life are crucial and decisive for its total development and growth since colostrum contains irreplaceable antibodies. Therefore, a poor start reflects a poor end due to unsatisfactory slaughter weight. The use of milk substitutes during lactation ensures a good and homogenous start for the entire litter.  Moreover, milk substitutes help in the survival of the litter in cases of sowís death or the achievement of equivalence among littermates when the sow  does not produce adequate milk or lactates too many piglets. Used in the first two weeks after weaning milk substitutes maintain pigletsí supply of liquids and facilitate transition to dry feed.

The composition of Grisat milk substitute resembles that of sowís colosrtum. It has a high nutritional value and provides high growth. Due to its acidic nature (Ph=4.5), the dissolved milk is preserved at excellent quality state, since bacterial overgrowth is hampered. Grisat contains specially processed fishmeal and soy protein, helping piglets digestive system to prepare for the digestion of those components in the dry feed.

Directions of use

  • In case of sowís death or inadequate milk production or nursing of too many piglets.

150 gr of Grisat dissolved in one liter of lukewarm water (approximately 500 C). After dissolving, a small quantity of sentiment will remain that piglets will eagerly consume.

  • In the first 7-14 days after weaning for the maintenance of liquid supply and smooth transition to dry feed.

75 gr of Grisat dissolved in one liter of lukewarm water (approximately 500 C). One liter per 10 piglet, twice a day.

Guaranteed content per Kg of Grisat  
Total protein (%) 22
Fat (%) 20
Ash (%) 9
Crude fiber (%) 0,2
Lysine (γραμ.) 23

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